Excelsior Internet Marketing Suggests a Narrow Tunnel Approach to Internet Marketing

The light at the end of the tunnel will open up as one approaches it. It begins small and narrow, but widens as more and more progress is made through the tunnel. It is an approach that Excelsior Internet Marketing recommends taking in the field due to the murky world of Internet marketing.

It isn’t straightforward. Too many confusing and misguided messages with murky goals can overlap over the entire thing. Internet marketing has a lot of inherent problems that can create a serious dilemma, especially since it is not always easy to flexibly change course. What are some of these major pitfalls?

The fast-moving world of web marketing

Web marketing changes overnight. This is sometimes literal. A brand may be at the very top of the Google results for months for a specific keyword, but one day they are no longer ranked at all. A competitor supersedes them for any multitude of reasons and all their efforts seem lost- for now. Things change very fast in this field, and there is often little a brand that is not expecting it can do.

Results come slowly

One of the most glaring flaws in Internet marketing is that results are slow to come. It is not overnight, though it can seem like that for competitors. When starting at the beginning, results will come in small doses, and only after consistent steps are taken.

Too many moving pieces

Keywords, hyperlinks, social media, search engine optimization, and millions of other pieces need to be accounted for. Search engine optimization is sometimes considered its own entire field alone, and that can take months to get right. Internet marketing is spread into every little part of the web, and that makes it too big for its own good.

Now, some people may argue that these are the very things that make Internet marketing strong and defiant. It makes it a successful mini-industry, and that is a fair assessment. What it ultimately does is forces marketers to have some kind of tunnel vision or else face be utterly overwhelmed by the speed, the lack of immediacy, and the crushing competition. Focus on what matters now and add elements as they become relevant. This may be the strongest approach.