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Telephone and Internet Services In more recently years, we have seen the switch of telephone companies from merely providing their clients with telephone services to providing broadband and internet services as well. This is to say, that though they are kept with one and the same ownership and a single trademark, it is actually managing two very separate commodities. What the telephone has just done is really to upgrade their system so that their customers’ demands will be met. This is done by expanding the technology that rest behind it through research and development. And so while these companies are bent of developing their systems and working hard on it, there emerges a sudden paradigm change. There is then a takeover of new things. When it has happened, there is a new field that will give investors more economic value and this is true also of their clients. This can open up the adaption of more services to select from. There is good reason why some companies are still supervising these two commodities. It can be called an intermediate or transitional state that they are in. What this means is that while they want to jump to the next paradigm, they also still want to continue with what they have been doing to accommodate customers who are not yet fully in. They still can’t let go of what they have been used to doing.
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Other companies, or new entrants to this new paradigm has greater advantage since they are starting fresh. New entrants do not have to face the closing down of an office and reliving their old employees. And they do not have to replace or maintain decaying devices to make it run efficiently.
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In the new paradigm they don’t anymore use the writing, switch boxes, hard phones, and others because of modern devices and they are able to hire employees who are already conditioned to work in this kind of space. Now employees have a new mindset. With this new parading, there is no longer the traditional physical devices to manage but new devices which companies aim to provide the best and fastest broadband internet experience to its clientele. Demanding an engagement and maintaining an adequate capacity and a suitable facility not only for its own but also providing the ‘Middle Mile’ for other network providers to link to their network. These alone will tell you how these companies are characterized. In both operations even security means one and the same. So this is how the telephone and internet companies of old have emerged into what they are now providing adequate services to their customers with all the modern technological advancements of the day. Telephone and internet companies are long gone.